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PAFILI industry was founded in the 1960s by the Pafili family, during the building boom in Greece and stood out as a construction company able to respond to any manufacturing needs. The experience and know-how acquired by the involvement in construction, enabled the company to enter the field of industrial production of metal scaffoldings. It was the first company that manufactured and used the metal scaffolding in construction. Today the company specializes in the manufacturing of scaffolding, shuttering and metallic formwork systems.

The company was a pioneer in the introduction of a new system in building construction, whose main advantage was the substantial decrease in labour and construction cost and time. Metal scaffolding met with great success and was widely accepted by the construction industry, both in Greece and abroad.

First-rate raw materials (ISO 9002) combined with the use of robotic welding in the production, ensures the highest quality and strength of the products.

PAFILI products are widely known and extensively used in Europe, Australia, and Africa. They have also been exported and used in the M. East and the USA.

Our well-established reputation in the construction industry has led large construction companies to trust PAFILI products in the construction of large projects.

Our products are internationally patented and comply with all international standards.

All tubes are manufactured by a special tube forming machine and all products are welded by 6-axis welding robots.

PAFILI products stand out for their durability and strength so they are of high resale value.